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Finding Patience Cover
Finding Patience

Patience Miller

Stuck in a rut, Patience needs a change in her life. Born to hippy wanna be parents, they definitely named her wrong, she doesn’t have any patience. Instant gratification is how she lives her life and the same goes for sex, there is no room for love or labels. Until an eyebrow lifting stranger from the city enters her world. With similar views, the creation of a rule book, is love possible?

Chance Michaels

Stiff and uptight, Chance doesn’t believe in love. Relationships are tools for personal gains. A break from the city opens him up to a whole new way of life. It also brings him crashing into Patience (literally), who starts to show things in a different perspective. But can he convince her to take a chance on love?

Finding Us Cover
Finding Us

My dream is unconventional, especially in a small town. I want the best of both worlds; the gentle hands of a women and the rough hands of a man. I don't want to switch between sexes. I want a relationship with both. At the same time. It’s all I’ve ever wanted and the only way I’ll ever be truly happy. I won’t settle for less. Will Carrie and Bruce finally be the two to make my dream a reality?

I’m the only one to blame for my past. Moving out of the city is my opportunity to start clean and fresh. I want Bradley; bad. But am I enough? For some reason I don’t think I would be nor would he be enough for me. But what does that mean? I know the instant I meet Bruce. I feel the rope tethering us three together as one.

I’m super shy and need to make changes in my life. The reunion with Bradley stirs something inside. I don’t understand these feelings I’m having. He makes me feel stronger and more confident. Moving in with him and Carrie seems to be the most natural thing in the world. But can I overcome my insecurities and be enough for both of them?

Link to Finding Forever Book 3
Finding Forever

Watching her best friends find true love is wonderful but heartbreaking. Jamie sees love as tangible but unattainable for her. Until she meets Sam. He helps her find her true self and accepts her and all her faults. He's unlike anyone that she has ever met. His expectations of her role in his life is unconventional, yet it's everything that Jamie needs. He wonders if he will every find it. That one true love that will give him the lifestyle he has always wanted. The moment Jamie enters his life, he sees her as a natural submissive. Her instant compliance assures him she's everything he needs. He knows he will do everything in his power to make her happy , forever.

Finding Solace 3d bood.jpg
Finding Solace

Final book of The Finding Series, Zeke cannot wait to graduate and get out of his suffocating home town. Years later he comes back for his best friend's wedding full of dread. Akia was his first and only love and now she is getting married to someone else. Along comes Gracie who changes everything. The journey home he finds love, the importance of family and the solace he was searching for his entire life.

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Coming Summer 2021

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Contemporary Romance

Link to Finding Patience Book 1
Finding Us, Book 2
Link to Finding Forever Book 3
Finding Solace 3d bood.jpg

All books (except short stories, coloring book or anthologies) can be purchased as paperback signed by the author through PayPal. Please contact her through email if interested.

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All book proceeds donated to BACA

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Hard copies only available on the TNTNYC website.

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